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Heidi’s highlights

Our bartender Heidi is relatively new in the Austria & Bellevue team yet it would be hard to imagine the place without her. Since she first took up her place behind the bar on 17 June 2022, she has, with her outstanding mixing skills, made sure that our guests enjoy not only delicious drinks but also a great, fun time.

What are your highlights in working at the Austria?
I love being able to creatively live my passion. Always in search of new ideas and the latest trends, I combine various aromas to create delicious cocktails. Besides the mixing I also really like the contact with the guests. The nice conversations in which I get involved in are really a highlight of my work. I also particularly enjoy discussing the latest drink trends with the guests.

Have you made use of Gurgl’s many recreational opportunities?
There really is so much to do in Gurgl. And you can experience so many different adventures throughout the year. In the summer I love exploring the area by motorbike best. I enjoyed the passes around Gurgl best particularly the Timmelsjoch. In the winter I get my skis out of the cellar and then there is nothing nicer than to take on the descents through the powdery snow or go on leisurely ski tours.

Can you name a fun fact from your daily work?
I can’t disclose any secrets I’m afraid. True to the motto: what happens at the bar stays at the bar!

Do you have any tips for future employees?
I look forward to all new employees in our team. You can look forward to great cooperation and plenty of team spirit. We welcome anyone with open arms who supports us on our mission to provide our guests with a great time.